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National Phone: 136-00402799
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        Shenzhen Longyuansheng Hardware Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing various types of knives, razor blades and other metal products. With years of production experience and advanced production equipment. The main production tools tools, stationery knives, food knives, all kinds of special shaped blade. The main material of our products and the use of imported stainless steel 301,304,420J2,430,440 SK5, SK7 like. From product development and design, mold making, automatic stamping, heat treatment, automatic sharpening, electrolytic polishing complete set of services.
    We have the spirit, "create a progressive, technological innovation," the spirit, we continue to meet customer demand, continuously improve the quality and level of products ......

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Shenzhen Longyuansheng Hardware Co., Ltd.
Contact:Mr YU 13600402799 Miss 18688830745
ADD:No.121, No.2 Industry Boulevard, Tangxiayong, Songgang Town, Shenzhen

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Copyright:Shenzhen Longyuansheng Hardware Co., Ltd. Design:Huawei TEL:0755-33851531 FAX:0755-33851532 E-mail:szlyswj@163.com
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